Perhaps you are thinking about giving us a call and setting up an appointment. What would come next? Here’s a brief overview of our home building process. 

Sharing Your Vision

The main purpose of our initial discussion will be for us to see what you’re seeing, the vision of your new home.  Perhaps you will bring along just rough sketches and great ideas. You may have your house plans completed and ready for pricing.  Either way, we’d like to learn what your priorities are and let you know how we might partner with you to make your dream home a reality. 


Getting Started


The importance of good design cannot be over emphasized. Your home is the infrastructure for your life. It should be the right size and scale to be comfortable for your family and guests, but also feel cozy when it’s just you at home. The rooms should be separated enough for various activities and connected enough to give a sense of spaciousness and flow.  The finishing details will give your home character and be a reflection of what is meaningful to you.

We will work together to design and make choices for a home that is right for you and works well on your property. Through this process we will make sure that the plans can be built within budget or make you aware of general cost implications for discussed changes, getting your approval before proceeding. 



Dreams and Dollars Meet

The next step after your drawings are completed is for us to give you a fair and competitive price along with a detailed description of your project. We will have already discussed how size and complexity of your home will impact the construction costs and we may even have worked backwards from your total budget amount to help you make some design decisions. The third cost factor is the level of finish. Your wishes for fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and trims along with the construction drawings will be shared with our suppliers and subcontractors so that we can provide realistic pricing for the construction of your new home. We hope that at this point you will choose Veldhuisen Construction as your builder. 


A Collaborative Construction Process

services-truckhouse.jpgYour participation is essential during the construction phase. We will guide you through the process of confirming the materials and selecting the styles of colors for the exterior and interior finishes.  Sometimes, samples from our office are sufficient for you to make a decision. In other instances, we may want to schedule an appointment for you with a sales professional at a show room so that you can see and feel the actual product that you are considering.

We welcome regular site visits by you while your home is under construction. Sometimes, even the most well thought-out plans need design adjustments during the build.  If you do find that a change may be desirable, we would like to discuss the implications and costs of the change with you as early in the construction phase as possible. And before construction starts would be even better!

To help keep communication clear and organized, we provide you with access to a secure website that has all the details of your home. This interactive tool allows you to make selections, give approvals and ask questions, post photos and share messages. A smart phone app version of the program means that you can stay in touch with your project even when you are away from home.


Are We There Yet?

services-home.jpgA rough road may lead to a wonderful home, but we prefer to make your journey there a pleasant one. If you are ready to take the first steps toward your new house, contact us today to learn how we pay attention to the details that will get you there. Welcome home!